The business application for printers

inPrint provides you instant quotation making with AI-based technique in few clicks, this will help you to reply to your customers with accurate pricing from anywhere, even with your mobile.

Powerful Features of inPrint

inPrint application is bundled with unique features to fulfill the requirement of estimation for the printing industry

Cloud Based

Provides facility to secure access from anywhere, anytime on any device

Faster Calculations

Provides costing within 2 minutes with auto sheet planning and KLD

Complex costing

Can plan a hard case book packed in an RTI box with a brochure in a carry bag

User Friendly

Easy to use, even a layman can do accurate costing with minimum inputs

Email Integration

The application can send quotation from your mailbox directly

Auto Job card

Auto job card creation from quotation helps to remove redundancy and error

Free Updates

Get free updates from the cloud with new innovative features in application

Quick Support

A dedicated support and implementation team is available to help you online

Available on all your devices

inPrint is designed as a responsive application, so it can be used from any Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. This will help users to provide quick response and perfect quotation from anywhere instantly.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Save your time, it save money

It increases your response capabilities with the 24hour availability of application via the cloud and reduces your quote creation time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes. This will help to scale up the business and profit.


More accuracy, more speed, more inquiries, more quotations, more business. AI helps to manage redundant work efficiently without getting bore and mistakes of a human being.


Lots of time to do more marketing and business development work. Do more productive and creative work to engage the customer, spend your quality time with the customer to get more business.

Video tutorials are available

Video tutorials are the best way to learn new technology and software because it provides you the suitable time for learning whenever you want to learn.

"Team Indus did a great effort to create such be effective and interactive videos to learn about the application, it helps me to use its all features perfectly. whenever you have time, just learn from videos, no need to wait for scheduled training.

Mr. Vinith Navathe
Director, Mudrankan Press

6 Steps Costing

Only 6 steps are required to make a quotation, within 2 minutes you will get the complete costing of your job with minimum inputs.


Business Process Automation

The printing industry has very complex business processes; it is both the manufacturing and service industries. It means every job is unique and has different asynchronous processes. inPrint provides you complete BPA to scale up your business and more profits.

Better control over the business

BPA helps in identifying the bottlenecks in the press and provides strong coupling between the processes. inPrint application is the first step to implement BPA.

Scalability and Sustainability

The ultimate objective behind BPA is to scale up the business and make it sustainable, where the people can get benefitted from it and get satisfaction in mind.

More productivity and profitability

Generating more profit from limited resources and people is a successful business and it can be gained by more and more productivity of resources.


Happy Clients


Hours Training Done




Team Members


Customers Feedback

“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.”

Choose Your Plan

Pricing of inPrint is affordable to every printer; it is subscription-based and available in the yearly and monthly subscription.


Special Offer Avail this in ₹39,900
  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Quotations
  • 40 hrs free training
  • Free Support
  • Free Video Tutorials
  • Proper Handholding
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